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Welcome to my channel, I'm a SCP scientist in training, and on the day of 2/11/20, I researched of SCP-9062 or the Corona Doctor, read about my new finding by searching up SCP-9062 in the search bar, or To see the others, search up SCP- to get them all, or SCP-(whatever the SCP's number is). Leave comments below on how well I did (if you can add comments) Important notice, do not share this info with anyone, it is classified and only for the eyes of SCP foundation members.

And if you enjoy this, and want to be a part of the team, join here!:

Create your page for your SCP, (must be SCP-9011 or up( make sure it hasn't been used!!!)) Please make your page name like the example: SCP-XXXX Also, please watch this page to post. (Watch button listed at the bottom of each page) **Copy this page so it is easier to make your own page: http://www.scp-maker.wikidot.com/_template **

Search for scps here:

It has been made easier to search up the scps, just search up "SCP-" and you should find all of them

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